Pub date: October 2017
Page count: 354
Dimensions: Paperback, 8 3/8” x 10 7/8”
ISBN: 9781628253863

About the book

Integrating Organizational Change Management and Project Management to Deliver Strategic Value

Compiled and Edited by
Emad E. Aziz and Wanda Curlee

The only constant is change—especially in today’s business environment. Increasing globalization and the rise of new markets and technologies are forcing companies to compete in a more turbulent world than ever. To survive and thrive, organizations must be able to continuously evolve.

Unfortunately, people tend to resist change. Uncertainty can be daunting, and people generally prefer to keep doing what they already know, avoiding unfamiliar situations, particularly in their work. The good news is that change can be managed using the same processes many organizations already use in their day-to-day project management activities. After all, every project results in some type of change to an organization.

Building on the Project Management Institute’s Managing Change in Organizations: A Practice Guide, and drawing on the project management expertise of a wide variety of authors, How Successful Organizations Implement Change explains the critical aspects of the change management process and outlines the methods that project, program, and portfolio managers can utilize to bring effective change in a complex and transient business context. For practitioners who are directly leading the change effort as well as those affected by it; for executives formulating strategies, even those managing operations; and for academics researching or teaching others about organizational change management, the examples provided in this book cover a broad range of industries and areas of business.

How Successful Organizations Implement Change combines the change management knowledge of experts, academics, researchers, and practitioners with tools, processes, and templates, all of which make this volume a valuable resource, a must-have, for leaders of change in organizations.

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